Barriers and Breakthroughs
February 13, 2024

February 13, 2024

Barriers and Breakthroughs

Update on Matthew

On December 6, 2021 we received a call no parent wants to get; “your son has been involved in a serious accident and has been airlifted to Prince George.”

Later that day we were told he was stabilized, thank God, but he had multiple injuries requiring immediate surgery along with a broken sternum, collapsed lungs and severe head trauma.   We were unable to fly due to Covid-19 restrictions so we packed our car and headed from Ontario to BC, encountering two major road closures along the way due to winter storms.

Matthew (30) would need care (the first 3 months in a wheelchair) and remain at our home for over a year.  His concussion was severe and mental confusion was on-going.

This past December Matthew flew home to spend Christmas with us and on January 26 had further reconstructive surgery on his feet once again needing to be wheelchair bound for three months then will again need physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

We are so thankful for the surgeons and staff who have cared for him and eternally grateful to God for His overshadowing presence and the many prayers for his recovery.

Matthew has had to grieve the loss of mobility he once knew and come to terms with a more restrictive lifestyle, but he is in good spirits and his cognitive abilities and emotional regulation are greatly improved.

Resting well

The last two years have definitely been busy with caring for family, writing four books and continuing to provide updates and podcasts.  My 89-year-old mother is now wonderfully settled in a beautiful senior’s residence which gives us reassurance in her care.

Last year I travelled extensively and had the opportunity to speak internationally.  I felt the need to draw back from that schedule for a three month sabbatical as Matthew recovers. My speaking schedule is therefore limited to local areas until April when I will once again be in Alberta.

Recommended Viewing

I had the opportunity to watch The War on Children last week.  It is probably the best documentary on the war against our families that I have seen.  Seth Gruber, founder of White Rose Resistance – A Voice for the Unborn, speaks about the sexualization of our culture, at about the 50 minute mark.  It is like he’s reading the pages of my book; Closing the Floodgates.  He, along with the other guests, nail the whole agenda to deconstruct the family and attack our children.  This is a documentary to wake up the masses.  Caution: disturbing material and explicit scenes of drag queens performing before children.  Remember – your children are being exposed to these things; the least we can do is be informed.

Two other outstanding documentaries on the dangers of the transgender grooming by doctors, counselors, teachers, school districts, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social media:

The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood

The Detransition Diaries: Saving Our Sisters

Truly the Pendulum has swung too far!

I’d like to suggest another documentary, “Letter to the American Church,” which is an adaptation of Eric Metaxas’ book of the same name.


I am continuing to produce two podcasts a month and periodically do interviews by Zoom.  February’s podcasts feature my friend and colleague, Dr. Jordash Kiffiak whose research is now at the manuscript stage for his soon-to-be-published book:  Jesus and Sodom:  Same-Sex Sexuality through the Messiah’s Merciful Eyes.

Watch episode 1 with Dr. Kiffiak here:

Jesus’ Standards for Marriage and Sexuality | Dr. Jordash Kiffiak – Truth Talks with Dr. Ann – Restoring the Mosaic

Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Emily Duggan of Moms against the Norm.  This is a great interview that really gets to some very serious issues.  I think you’ll enjoy it. Watch the interview here.

Ottawa, February 5th 2024

Bob and I drove to Ottawa on Monday to attend an event hosted by Canada Strong and Free, featuring Premier Danielle Smith.  I had pre-registered and friends had set up a meeting with the Premier for me to discuss her recent restricted gender affirmation policy and provide her with  a copy of Ultimate Deception: The Truth of Gender Affirming Care.  Below is a letter explaining exactly what happened, as well as a short video and pictures.

Click Letter to Premier Smith to read the letter and watch the video here!

Dr. Ann and Josh Alexander

As always, opportunities arose.  Prior to the protest I had a wonderful discussion with a young father videotaping for mainline media.  He told me how he had just become a Canadian Citizen but was dismayed at the ‘LGBTQ’ activism and effect on his children.  I gave him a copy of Ultimate Deception so he could understand the truth of gender affirmation.

Just before we left, another young father approached me saying he was doing a documentary on Ottawa protests and asked if I would share why I was attending.  He’s already attended five this year and was trying to capture both sides of the conversation.  I spoke for about 15 minutes on camera and then a conversation regarding gender and sexuality ensued.  I gave him a copy of Ultimate Deception as well.

I find that wherever I go there are people in desperate need of truth.  These are not the venues that are appropriate for selling; so I regularly give books to individuals, free of charge.  Of course, it is not without cost to me so I am asking if you might consider sponsoring the cost of these discrete ‘giveaways.’  Wholesale cost is approximately $5.00 per book.  Sponsorship of 10 – 20 books would go a long way to putting them in the hands of media, politicians, educators and leaders.


Dr. Ann and Mahmoud Mourra

Coming Up

I try to attend one conference a year so, I will be driving to Nashville February 18th to attend the NRB 2024 Convention.  This is a A Gathering of Christian Communicators.  I will join my friend Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson as we listen, learn and network. Conference expenses, plus shared accommodation, travel and meals will cost about $1,800.  The registration for the conference alone is $765.00.

Thank you once again for your on-going prayers and support as we begin to see cracks in weakening the Gender Ideology foundation.

Onward and Upward,


Restoring the Mosaic seeks to strengthen Canadian national unity by educating and informing policy-makers, legislators, and educational leaders with clinical research that will assist them to establish programs and policies that allow individuals with crises in identity to recover wholeness.

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