Loud and Clear
October 4, 2023

October 4, 2023

Loud and Clear


On September 20th, 2023, Canadians from all walks of life and all faiths came together across this nation to speak out against the radical sex education being pushed on our children within the public school system.

It was a tremendous day and to my knowledge not one of our demonstrators was charged with any kind of violence.  This is not true of the counter-protestors.  While none were charged for vile and hate-filled language toward parents, some were charged for their actions.

Here is a pre-march interview I did with Dr. Bahira Abdulsalam – Watch interview here.

As part of the advisory committee for this march, I, along with our Mumma Bears, joined organizer Kamel El-Cheikh in Ottawa for a day of supporting family values and biblical sexuality.

In the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound riding we had four separate marches with a combined total of nearly 500 parents.  There were over 100 towns and cities across Canada that held marches.


This, friends, is only the beginning…


Coming October 21st, 2023

We march again; the focus will be on protecting the rights of parents.

Locations – City and Town halls across Canada

This is an opportunity for the thousands of Canadians who told us they would have marched in September if they had known.

This March will surpass our September March. I am challenging the Christian church collectively across Canada to announce and support this movement.


We have this moment in time to advocate for parental rights and child protection in Canada. This is not a time for the ‘Church’ to be silent, but rather to arise with truth and justice.

This Week

I leave Monday night (October 2nd) for Regina, Saskatchewan.  I, along with my good friend Wilna van Beek and Nadine Ness, will be speaking in Yorkton on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday evening we will be speaking in Swift Current, SK.  God willing.

Please review this article from the Swift Current on-line.

Folks, this is war.  An article filled with inaccurate and misleading information aimed at defaming my character.  Please also read this article from the Southwest Booster. I appreciate your prayers for these events as the PRIDE activists are very annoyed with the truth I speak.


Please be sure to check out my refurbished website restoringthemosaic.ca  My podcasts are now up and running.  I’m trying to keep them to a half hour long, but a couple of very important ones are longer.  Please check for these weekly.  The podcast for next week, exposing the LGBTQ playbook, will be posted Monday, October 9th, late afternoon.   Podcast – Restoring the Mosaic

Up and Coming

Bob and I both leave for Dallas, Texas on October 17th for the Legacy Grandparenting Coalition Summit. Find more information about the Summit at Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2023 – Legacy Coalition.  I will be speaking once again on The Ultimate Deception – The Danger of Gender Affirming Care.

We return home on October 21, then I leave on October 24th for the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice in Poland – Home – IFTCC – Supporting people with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusions

While in Ottawa, after the March, I was privileged to be invited to meet with a couple of social conservatives who are in ‘our court’.  I was pleased to hear of some good things being planned that I can hopefully share with you at a later date.

Upon exiting the building with our wonderful friend Darlene Albrecht, we had an impromptu meeting with MP Leslyn Lewis.  Dr. Lewis has invited me to attend the first-ever gathering of The Alliance of Responsible Citizenship.

I have since found out that they are completely booked but have reached out to Leslyn to see if she might be able to pull some strings.  This conference is happening just two days after the IFTCC conference in Poland, meaning that I could redirect my flight to London for the 30th of October and fly home directly from London, England.

Please pray that this might work out, as I believe it is a strategic event and opportunity.

Thank you one and all for your kind support and prayers as we continue to venture forward.


Onward and Upward,



Restoring the Mosaic,
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