Free-Thinking LGBT Activists Say the ‘Gay Mafia’ Is ‘Harming Gay People’
June 15, 2021

Free-Thinking LGBT Activists Say the ‘Gay Mafia’ Is ‘Harming Gay People’


For the first time in a long time, tolerance of gay people is dropping among Millennials. This decline in tolerance is directly linked to the overreach and tyrannical tactics of the far-left radical gay movement.

Free-thinking gay people have had enough and are speaking out about it. I sat down with the most visible independent gay leaders who have walked away from the tyranny of the gay mafia.

Brandon Straka, the founder of the #Walkaway movement, is hosting panels for LGBT people who want to break free from groupthink. I asked Straka about the declining goodwill between the gay community and everybody else who will be labeled homophobic if they don’t toe the line. One of the major accusations gay activists throw at religious people is that they are “homophobic” if they do not agree with gay marriage or the celebration of gay sex. But the same people who have those views have embraced Straka. “The vast majority [of conservatives] are not [homophobic],” he said. “But I would be lying if I said I don’t occasionally get messages from people that are a little disturbing, but overwhelmingly, I have been supported.” Straka’s view of differing philosophies is circumspect. “All I ever wanted as a gay person was equality and dignity under the law. Now that we have that, I don’t really care what other people think. It simply doesn’t matter. You can’t legislate approval.”

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Instead of trying to force people to approve or celebrate his sexuality, Straka is holding town halls for LGBT and other minority groups targeted by Democrats to help people like him, who want to separate from the totalitarian group-think on the left. “These are the issues that we talk about because we understand that it’s very confusing–for anybody–but especially for the average heterosexual person who [isn’t familiar with gay culture or gay people] to tell the distinction between being gay and the radical gay mafia. It’s not the same thing.”

The people who come to his events feel ostracized and terrified to tell their friends how they really feel if they like the president or don’t agree with gay talking points.

New York “was the first [town hall] we did and we had 200 people come,” said Straka. “And they’re legitimately LGBT people who really thought they were alone until we showed up. Many of them stood up and said ‘I can’t believe this is happening because I thought I was alone.'”

This is a very important distinction. The LGBTQWTF mob are the people shutting down free speech, ruining lives, getting people fired, ginning up fake-outrage Twitter mobs, demanding that boys be allowed in girls’ locker rooms, and generally making fools out of themselves. This is not all gay people. Many people who fall under the description of LGBT live quiet lives of dignity and aren’t cultural Marxists pushing far-left ideologies. But who speaks for them?

“People don’t make the distinction between transgender people and this trans-non-binary gender-fluid…it’s f***ing nonsense and it’s crazy,” said Straka. “I grew up in the ’80s and the ’90s and there was no such thing as gender-fluid or non-binary and what’s so enraging about it is that a lot of these people, possibly even the majority, are not even gay or transgender. They’ve latched onto the LGBT umbrella but they’re not even us, and somehow we went along with it.”

After the non-binary, gender-queer, and “transtrender” folks overtook the gay rights movement, things started going downhill fast. Straka has real concerns that the damage the gay mafia is doing will harm innocent people. “I’ve noticed an uptick in actual anti-gay messages sent to me. Is this going to be so bad and people are going to become so disgusted with all gay people that it could damage or destroy the Walkaway campaign?”

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Pride parades and Pride Month are another cultural hot-button issue with conservative people who don’t think anyone should be in the street half-naked and celebrating what they view as a dangerous lifestyle of promiscuity, exhibitionism, drugs, and public drunkenness.

“I don’t think we have a need for Pride Month, but I also don’t think we should stop doing it either,” said Straka. “But I think that the focus should change. I’ve always been one of those people who is like ‘what the hell does getting naked or running around in a jock strap on a float have to do with overcoming oppression?’ We should take the politics out of it.”

Straka also pinpointed another frustration conservatives have with the gay community that doesn’t seem to recognize real oppression when they see it. “I wish the LGBT community in America would put their focus into global efforts because there are gay people in the world that are having bags put over their heads and shoved off of buildings, or in Russia, they’re being taken away in the middle of the night and no one ever hears from them again. Let’s focus on that and not chicken sandwiches.” Straka continued, “That’s what bothers me about Pride is that we’re still trying to pretend that this is a necessary thing because of all of the ‘oppression’ and the Trump administration and that is horses***.”

The WalkAway campaign has been a positive, educational, and encouraging project for free thought and individualism during the darkest time for free speech in recent history. Mikey Harlow, writer and model, often takes part as a panelist. PJM reached out to him for his opinion on the growing tensions. “The extremism and excess of the LGBT establishment has gotten to be ridiculous and it is coming at the expense of LGBT people who just want to be treated like everyone else,” he said. “Data shows that acceptance of LGBT people is declining for the first time in a generation, and the Alphabet Establishment refuses to look inward at their role in that, how they are making us look like whiny authoritarian fools to the average person. They are making the average person feel they must walk on eggshells around LGBT people — and that is not equality. ”

Photo credit Mikey Harlow, used with permission.

Harlow likened the gay mafia to a cult. “The Alphabet Soup Cult seeks to keep a total intellectual and spiritual lockdown of all LGBT people. When an LGBT person says or thinks something that isn’t on the list of LGBT-approved thoughts, they will come after you with all the force of the Church of Scientology going after a Suppressive Person.”

He’s not wrong. Just over the weekend, Milo Yiannopoulos and Ricky Rebel were scheduled to host a show in Hawaii when far-left trouble-makers, including gay activists, shut down their event with threats of violence.

“For many of us, it’s very sad to see what has happened to the LGBT community,” said Harlow. “LGBT people were once the original punks — who were at the forefront of art, comedy, rebellion, transgression, and pushing boundaries. Today, the only thing we’re at the forefront of is censorship and victimhood. They are now the modern-day book burners. We’ve gone from the community of Andy Warhol and Truman Capote to being the people who protest a chicken sandwich.”

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Ricky Rebel, a recording artist most known for the pro-Trump tuxedo he wore to the Grammy’s, is sick of it too. “My life can be divided into ‘before Grammy’s and after Grammy’s,” he said. “After the Grammy’s it’s been a fun and wild ride.”

After Rebel’s show was canceled in Hawaii, he and Milo were forced to hold the event at a private, secret location where ticket-holders were given the opportunity to see the show they paid for. “I’ve had radio stations tell me they don’t play Republicans’ music,” said Rebel, exasperated. Being a vocal Trump supporter and gay in the music industry confuses people. “I’m proud of being a man. But because I wear high-heeled boots or lipstick, they want to put me in this box. But that’s my artistry.”

Rebel has no problem triggering the left with his video Magic Carpet Ride. “I’m allowed to sing and dance like a Middle Eastern person if I want to because I’m a free American. I don’t believe in cultural appropriation.”

I’m Billboard Top 40 recording artist Ricky Rebel live at the #grammys and I’m a reflection of the 60 million+ Americans that voted for @realdonaldtrump. Be #TheNewAlpha Don’t let anyone keep you in the closet. #kagjacket by @officialandresoriano #MAGA #KAG

Rebel also has similar views to Straka about the focus of gay activists. “Why don’t they go do a die-in in front of a mosque to protest radical Islam?”

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Activists in Toronto recently staged a die-in in front of a Chick-fil-A instead. “Why don’t they protest the murdering of gays in the Islamic world? That, I could get behind. Instead they’re worried about Christians who have a philosophical difference with them and it’s stupid. If a person can love 90% of me, I can love them too.”

The solution, Rebel says, is for “conservative and right-of-center-leaning people to ‘come out of the closet.’ Once they see we are normal everyday people the division will begin to fade away. The time is now.”

Deplorable Deb is another outspoken pro-Trump member of the LGBT community and considers herself the original WalkAway. She has a huge following on Facebook and does live-streaming every day to encourage fellow Trump supporters and give them her opinions on the news of the day. Sometimes she can be found dancing and celebrating the latest failed Democrat plot to bring down President Trump. She is hilarious. I joined her for a live stream on this topic, which can be seen here in its entirety.

Forcing people to bake cakes really rubs Deb the wrong way. “When that all happened, I got so mad!” she said. “They went and searched out this Christian bakery. If that was me and Missy [Deb’s partner], what I would have done is say ‘thank you, I’m going to give my business someplace else.’ I get mad because these two men just wanted to see these people lose everything. That’s sad! That’s very mean! And it gets me mad because we just want to be accepted. Why be mean?”

She also can’t figure out why drag queens are allowing the sexualization of children in their communities. “The drag queens I knew and hung out with in bars, they didn’t want anything to do with children because everything was for adults. The clubs you went to at night for a reason,” she said. “Many of the drag people I know would be totally upset about this.” Deb also hates labels and doesn’t identify as gay. “I’m a human,” she said. “I felt like I should have a sweater with a big ‘L’ on it. They label us and then they say, ‘when you get called these things we’ll be there to help you.’ Meanwhile, they’re the ones that are doing this.”

Deb likes to be defined by her ideas and her positive attitude. Most days you can find her telling jokes and making people laugh or leading prayers in her beautiful outdoor grotto where she likes to pray for the country and anyone who asks for it.

Rinoa Leonhart, born male and living as female, has made a series of YouTube videos expressing frustration with the gay mafia. “Whether I like it or not I’m a part of the LGBT community and all the actions that are done in the community’s name affect me greatly, especially all the stupid things that people do.” Leonhart’s video series, “Why I Hate the LGBT Community,” lays out a very rational case for the harm the community has done. “I believe that there is a time for refinement of the LGBT community because right now it’s not really all that good. It’s inefficient, it’s not really well-thought out. It was good at the time but the rest of the world has caught up and it seems that the LGBT community is actually antiquated and not very helpful and I would say harmful. They have a tendency to piss people off and make fools of themselves and that reflects badly on me. Anytime I bring up the fact that I’m transgender with someone [I have to say] I’m not one of those rioting crazy feminists.”

The gay mafia should listen to these alternative voices or risk losing what acceptance they have. Leonhart rejects forced speech and the use of made-up pronouns. “You are building a stereotype that is harmful and it sets us all back,” said Leonhart.

Restoring the Mosaic seeks to strengthen Canadian national unity by educating and informing policy-makers, legislators, and educational leaders with clinical research that will assist them to establish programs and policies that allow individuals with crises in identity to recover wholeness.

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