Redeeming Love
December 23, 2020

For the entire week I have been humming this beautiful hymn. Redeeming Love.

From God’s heaven to a manger
From great riches to the poor
Came the holy Son of God, a little child
From the azure halls of heaven
To a lonely manger stall
Jesus came, and here He gave His life for all

From a loving, Heavenly Father
To a world that knew Him not
Came the man of sorrows, Jesus Christ the Lord
In my wanderings Jesus found me
Touched my life with His great love
And this babe has grown to be my Sovereign Lord

Redeeming love, a love that knows no limit
Redeeming love, a love that cannot not die
My soul shall sing throughout the endless ages
In adoration of this great love on high

Last night the planets of Jupiter and Saturn eclipsed and what was hailed as the ‘Christmas Star, or Bethlehem Star’ shone in the heavens – for the first time in 800 years. People around the world looked to the heavens to watch this spectacular event. Amazingly beautiful. How precious it was to witness this monumental display in the universe.

Another star shone 2000 years ago. It was the original ‘Christmas Star’ that shone over Bethlehem guiding the wise men to the place where Jesus lay. They came from a far land to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who had come to redeem the world from sin.

Now in the year 2020, each of us has again the opportunity to welcome the Christ child into our home and hearts. He came as a child, but he died as our Saviour. The Angels announced the great news; the wise men brought him gifts; but Herod despised Him.

Jesus lived in precarious times, and His message cost him his life. For Christ followers the message has not changed. Each one of us has a choice. Will we bow before him, ignore him, or despise him?

God’s love is a love like no other. Nothing is comparable. It is incomprehensible. It is inconceivable. Totally complete, sacrificially given to all who will accept the Son as Savior and Lord. Redeeming Love for all.

My prayer for you this Christmas and for 2021 is that the Love, Joy, Peace and Presence of Jesus would shine as brightly as the Christmas Star in your heart, guiding you throughout the year to come.

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