Hold on to your hats; the wind is shifting
September 8, 2023

For many years, I, along with others in the battle for truth, have hoped and prayed for such a moment as we are about to experience in Canada.  As you read today’s newsletter, may you be encouraged by the true ‘great awakening’ that is transpiring.

Mumma Bears Re-united

Our Mumma Bears initiative began in 2018, came to a standstill during Covid 19, but I am very happy to announce that we are once again surging forward.  We certainly have not been quiet on an individual basis during this time, but now we are again purposefully plunging forward to call all moms (and dads) to arise.

You’ll remember these names – Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Pastor Rene McIntrye, and our favourite ‘Mighty Mouse,’ Marilyn Jones, join with me in this interview as we discuss the upcoming #1Million March for Children.  Missing from this interview is the multi-talented and charismatic Catherine Dellerba, who has agreed to head up our Mumma Bears group as we move together as one. Click here to watch the Mumma Bears interview. Check out our new brochure here.

1 Million March for Children

September 20, 2023 is our day.  This day is set aside for Canadians to come together and link arms as parents, neighbours, and friends to stand united against the hideous indoctrination of our children with gender ideological teaching in our public education.

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Hands Off Our Kids Mission Statement

Our mission is to Unite People for a Noble Cause, to safeguard children from gender ideology teachings, sexual indoctrination, exposure to explicit sexual content,

ensuring that parental consent remains paramount.

We will protect our children from thought control and ensure their religious freedoms are protected.  We firmly believe that the government should respect the rights of parents, and schools should focus on subjects that prepare children for their future.

Children are not tools for any political agenda; they belong to their parents without coercion. Our aspiration is to inspire the world by protecting the innocence of children and returning to the principles that empower parents to unconditionally nurture their offspring.

We hold no reservations against any government, school, or political entity that seeks to undermine these principles. We confront such challenges with unwavering determination and without apology. Our commitment to transparency is unwavering, as we have no interest in virtue signaling.  Our principles are straightforward, and our values are noble. This clarity is what draws people to our vision, and we will continue to attract the world as we work towards our mission.

The man with the vision to set this movement in motion is Kamel El-Cheikh, a Muslim parent who has his eyes open to what is happening to our children across Canada, and the world.  This is the link to this week’s interview between Laura-Lynn and Kamel. Watch interview here.

A deep friendship, built out of mutual respect has been forged.  We are asking all Canadians, to join together despite theological differences and beliefs, for the sake of protecting our children, by removing your children from school on September 20th and joining others at designated city halls across this nation.  If you are at all able, I strongly encourage you to join us in Ottawa as Canadians once again rouse a nation to action.

I have prepared this rack card for distribution.  Feel free to print as needed.

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What We Are Up Against 

Not Just the Tip, (NJTT) is a project to bring sexual health educators the skills and confidence they need to teach sex-ed in a way that is intersectional, inclusive, and inspiring. Guided by two expert advisory councils, NJTT is a collaborative effort between the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual DiversityWisdom2Action, and Dr. Nadine Thornhill

When you click the link you’ll see the logo for the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity. http://notjustthetip.ca/

That logo looks very much like the man-boy love logo for pedophilia. The symbols pedophiles use to signal their sexual preferences revealed | Daily Mail Online

They are no longer hiding the agenda.

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Ultimate Deception

My latest book, Ultimate Deception: the danger of Gender Affirming Care, will be uploaded to Amazon by the end of the week!  This year has been a ‘production’ year when it comes to writing; and this book, my final one for 2023, caps off my plunge into exposing gender ideology.  I believe it is a must read for anyone (especially parents) concerned about protecting our children from the lies of gender affirmation.

I would very much appreciate if you post a review on Amazon after reading this (or any of my other books).

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Find the book on Amazon: https://a.co/d/70hUiDF

Coming Up

This is how fall travel is shaping up.  It will be a busy time and I very much appreciate your prayers.  I would love to connect if you come to any of these events.

September 12-16 Winnipeg, Manitoba

September 20 Parliament Hill, Ottawa – I’ll be speaking on the impact of gender ideology on the brain

October 2 – 6 Yorkton, Saskatchewan

October 12 Hamilton, ON.  at the Oak Centre for Studies in Faith and Culture

October 17-22 Dallas, Texas – Legacy Coalition, at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship  Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2023 – Legacy Coalition

October 24-29 Warsaw, Poland – at the International Federation for Therapeutic Counselling Choice

Onward and Upward,

Restoring the Mosaic seeks to strengthen Canadian national unity by educating and informing policy-makers, legislators, and educational leaders with clinical research that will assist them to establish programs and policies that allow individuals with crises in identity to recover wholeness.

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