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August 8, 2023

There are several things I want to share with you today as our world does another rotation around the sun.


As you are very aware the overwhelming influx of information is staggering, so in order to stay focused I will attempt to remain primarily in the area of LGBTQIA+ , legislation and our need to arise to protect our most vulnerable.



The Pushback is Coming




Dr. Anna Loutfi the head of the Bad Law Project presents a powerful speech on the sexualization and sexual exploitation of children by the education system and of the importance of parents in stopping this atrocity. She lays it out spectacularly! Love that she states… there are no trans children!  I lost a lawsuit against our school board for stating this in 2019!  I can hardly wait for the house of cards to fall!


Let’s put Canadian schools on notice folks!


PSHE as Currently Taught is UNLAWFUL and CRIMINAL. – YouTube





Parents continue to rise up. The Campaign Life Coalition organized a National Pride Flag Walk-Out Day on June 1st at the beginning of Pride month celebrations in public schools. The walk-out protests were also supported by a series of “pray-ins” held at Catholic school boards and dioceses across Canada.


Main Stream media (MSM) reports that given “vast financial resources” and faith networks, Christian evangelicals have redoubled their efforts targeting LGBTQ+ communities!  The proliferation of lies seems to be what keeps MSM alive. One might think they would mention the billions being spent world-wide to promote LGBTQ+ indoctrination, but of course that would expose the media for what they really are.


MSM reports that some conservative Muslim leaders are now fanning the flames of hatred against sexual and gender minorities.  What they fail to acknowledge is the fact that these parents have had enough.  It’s not about fanning flames of hatred – it’s about protecting children from radical LGBTQ+ activism.


Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the audacity to blame “the American right-wing” for creating a rise in anti-LGBT thinking among Canadian parents! He went on to say…


If you look at the various curriculums, you’ll see that there is not what is being said out there about aggressive teaching or conversion of kids to being LGBT.”[1]


In late June, a large group of Muslim parents protested outside Trudeau’s Ottawa office, chanting, “leave our kids alone.”  The reality is that they are against school boards that wish to teach schoolchildren content about the acceptability of LGBTQ lifestyles.


“As Muslims, we refuse to be coerced into believing something our faith categorically condemns. This is not a political stance. It is a moral principle.”[2]

Muslims opposed to LGBTQ curricula for their kids aren’t bigots | LGBTQ | Al Jazeera


They recently stated that they are,


“committed to working with individuals of all religious and political affiliations to protect the constitutional right of faith communities to live according to their religious convictions and to uphold justice for all”.[3]


Muslim communities across Canada are initiating an all-faiths participation in the



September 20, 2023


I will provide more information on this as it comes closer to the date, but in the meantime – Mark Your Calendars.




The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is holding its annual leadership conference where there is bound to be some dissention.  Two cross-sex identifying doctors in the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) caution that teenage patients are receiving “sloppy care” and that there is dissent in AAP’s own ranks as to the legitimacy of this practice.[4]




Recently, 21 doctors[5] from nine countries raised concerns that the American medical establishment has adopted “politicized” standards of care.


This is all excellent news and timely as I get ready to release my new book, Ultimate Deception – the Dangers of Gender Affirming Care, in September.



Coming Up



I, along with my colleague Jon Uhler, and others will be speaking in the Winnipeg area August 24-26.  This will provide an excellent opportunity to educate parents of the dangers of affirming care and the invasive indoctrination of radical LGBTQ+ curriculum in our public school system.


I found out today that the community center where we were booked has backed out of the agreement.  This is not the first time LGBTQ+ radical affiliates have pressured organizations to renege on agreements, so we are currently pursuing other options.  The conference will go ahead one way or another.


This reminds me of a news article I read with great joy this week. There are some things that we must fight for.


Franklin Graham, son of the famed evangelist Billy Graham, organized an event in Blackpool, England, in 2018 that promised to bring “hope” to the community through the preaching of the Gospel, something his family has been doing for nearly 80 years. To get the word out, his organization ran advertisements on local buses that read: “Lancashire Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham – Time for Hope” [6]



Graham’s comments (on same-sex marriage) led to a public backlash over his visit, including protests and a petition to have him banned from the country. In response, the Blackpool Borough Council, which had approved the advertisements for his then-upcoming event at Blackpool Winter Gardens, pulled the ads off of their city buses.


A Manchester County Court judge has ruled that the town discriminated against Graham and his organization, stating that the council’s actions breached Graham’s freedom of religion and expression codified in the Human Rights Act.   The Blackpool Borough Council has apologized and awarded Graham’s organization a hefty financial settlement.[7]


This is an exciting win for religious freedom and hopefully sets a precedent for other countries.



Website website is being updated and will be completed just in time for my new professionally produced podcast to begin in September.



Please forward this newsletter to friends who are truth seekers.



Financial Needs


I have two primary financial needs that arise this fall.  The first is the publication of Ultimate Deception, a cost of approximately $5000, and the second is travel and accommodation needs.  While many of my speaking engagements cover travel and accommodation, some of the smaller venues are unable to cover my costs.  It is my policy not to turn engagements down, so these events I cover out of pocket.


I will once again be attending the International Federation for Therapeutic Counselling Choice, (IFTCC) this year being held in Poland.  The IFTCC is graciously covering my travel expense, but the cost of lodging is approximately $1000, which I will have to pay.

Any contribution to these needs is greatly appreciated.


Onward and Upward,




Stand Firm               Walk Cautiously               Live Courageously



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Restoring the Mosaic seeks to strengthen Canadian national unity by educating and informing policy-makers, legislators, and educational leaders with clinical research that will assist them to establish programs and policies that allow individuals with crises in identity to recover wholeness.

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