Wings of Eagles

Jul 13, 2020 | Blog

I don’t know about you, but I’m weary. Weary with the never ending negativity of the news. Weary of trying to figure out if mainstream media is lying or telling the truth. Weary of deception . Weary of the propaganda. Weary of social justice warriors. Yet, these things have always been. Deception began in the Garden of Eden and it is still alive and well.

Perhaps the most discouraging – and I’m sure you’ve felt this as well – is the inability of faith groups to ‘see the writing on the wall’ so to speak; the unwillingness to look beyond the headlines and dig for truth; the unwillingness to stand firm to the foundations of faith and the unwillingness to fight for what is right, choosing rather to cave to the desires of a society that is spiraling out of control.

It is no surprise to see those who do not embrace God’s Word running headlong to destruction – it is these that Jesus came to redeem, but it is the church of His day whom He often challenged. It is no different today. The ‘church’ needs to be challenged. We need a wake up call. The call of returning to righteousness. With righteousness comes comes clarity, with clarity comes the passion for truth and when the passion for truth arises one is awakened to the need to expose the darkness – to sound the clarion.

This is the day of the clarion call. Merrium-Webster describes a clarion as a a medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones. This is trumpet call to the battle – think reveille ( bugle call at about sunrise signaling the first military formation of the day). It’s time church to wake up. We are in a spiritual battle for souls, yes; but also for the very life of our country, and few seem aware..

But there is hope. It is this – as the darkness of evil spreads, awareness of such evil builds. May our eyes be open to the truth of what is happening, not only in Canada, but across the world and may the deception and blinding of the enemy be lifted from our spirits.

It’s time to rise up on the Wings of Eagles. God’s promise is that as we run, we shall not grow weary, as we walk we shall not grow faint. Arise! Let’s begin to run and let the strength of God infuse us.