The Lowest Ebb is the Turn of the Tide
November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023

 The Lowest Ebb is the Turn of the Tide

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Do you perceive it? Can you see it? Do you hear it?

The Tide is Turning

In the past few months it seems that almost weekly there is a psychological professional standing up for truth in the realm of gender ideology.  Where for years the silence was deafening; courage is now rising.

Last week alone, two prominent professionals, Dr. Ken Zucker the leading gender specialist for 40 years, and Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, spoke out.

“As much as I respect teachers and principals, they know full well that they are not authorized to treat a mental health diagnosis and that’s why it would be important to bring in a school social worker, a school psychologist, a school child psychiatrist to come up with a treatment plan,” explained Zucker. Read the article here.

While I applaud Dr. Zucker, his approach is cautious and not extremely helpful.  I echo the fact that teachers have no right diagnosing (telling a child they are probably ‘trans’), however, he doesn’t discuss the reality of school psychologists, psychiatrists, and counsellors being deeply schooled in a constructionist ideology, and under a Canadian law that prohibits discussing anything that is not considered ‘affirming care’ which is simply confirming the child’s delusion of ‘being in the wrong body’.

Across the pond, Dr. Kaltiala shared her experiences and serious concerns regarding pediatric gender interventions, writing that “gender transition has gotten out of hand.”

She warns that young people are being influenced by social contagion to identify as another gender, that surgical and chemical interventions are leaving kids more distressed than ever, and that pro-transgender organizations are refusing to acknowledge the facts. Read more here.

International Foundation for Therapeutic Counselling Choice (IFTCC)

While we are finally witnessing a handful of professionals beginning to speak out, I want to inform you of the IFTCC, a group of psychological professionals and associates who have not only been providing verifiable research, but have also been speaking out in their individual countries for the last decade or more.

Drs. Laura Haynes, Quentin Van Meter, and Christopher Rosik (below) from the US, were just three of the 23 speakers who met in Poland last week at the IFTCC conference.  I was the only Canadian speaking and had the great honour of leading a flag processional to kick off the conference last week.

The IFTCC’s mandate is

Equipping, Empowering, Promoting, Advocating:

Therapeutic choice and Pastoral Care – Internationally

…within the Judeo-Christian context

This year’s conference focused on cross-disciplinary approaches to understanding and treating sexuality and gender. IFTCC is a group of professionals who have been on the forefront of educating in the area of gender and sexuality. As you can imagine, they have been widely attacked by activists, but each year the movement continues to grow


On October 19th I was privileged to speak at the Legacy Coalition Grandparenting Conference in Texas.  This conference, held at Oakcliffe Bible Fellowship was live screened to 150 other locations.  I had many talk to me after about the need to speak truth not only in our churches but in our professions.  Several medical doctors approached me, telling of their conflicts.  One took my wrist and turned it around, then jokingly said “I was looking for handcuff marks!”

These people deeply understand the cost of speaking out against a corrupt system. My speech is available here.

Truth Talks

Please make sure to visit my website,, and especially the podcasts where you will find all my latest videos.  This is one I did last week on an academic interview done in 1980 on pedophilia.  It is a must see in helping you understand where we are headed and why we must protect our children at all costs. Pedophilia in Academia Exposed | Truth Talks with Dr. Ann – Restoring the Mosaic

Coming Up

The ‘church’ is awakening!  This weekend I will be speaking on Gender and Sexuality at the Annual Reformed Conference in Welland, Ontario. Find more information and purchase tickets here.

On Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 p.m. the Oak Centre is hosting The Ultimate Deception at the Coptic Center in Mississauga, a free event, where I will present The Truth of Gender Affirming Care.  This is a free event that I encourage anyone within a two-hour radius of Mississauga to attend. Click here to register on Eventbrite.  Bring your neighbours, concerned parents and grandparents.  Please use this event poster for your church to print or post. I will be hosting a Q & A following, and my books will be available. The Oak Center is also enabling charitable receipts for donations.

On a Personal Note

This week we moved my 89-year-old mother and her feline friend into a beautiful seniors retirement building.  While she has her own apartment, all meals are provided along with many personal services.  She seems to be settling in very well.

I am currently in talks with Christian leaders in Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago in regards to presenting on Gender and Sexuality in their countries.  You might remember that we were planning this last year, but were unable to make it happen.  I met two representatives while at the IFTCC conference in Poland last week, who were very excited to reconnect.

These countries have stayed the course in pushing back against the radical gender ideology, but they are being besieged on all fronts, with very little accurate information on this issue.  The plan is for me to provide several seminars over a two week period, either early December or early in 2024.  Leaders are able to provide lodging and transportation while there, but are not able to provide the cost of flight.  If this is something you could contribute to, it would be greatly appreciated.

Onward and Upward,



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Restoring the Mosaic seeks to strengthen Canadian national unity by educating and informing policy-makers, legislators, and educational leaders with clinical research that will assist them to establish programs and policies that allow individuals with crises in identity to recover wholeness.

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