Bill C-6

October 2020 Press Release

New videos show counselling session that is likely illegal under “conversion therapy” ban “Rachel” and other Canadian youth, will be harmed by ban says Canadian therapist

New videos were released today showing counselling sessions between Canadian therapist, Ann Gillies, Ph.D. and a minor and her parents that would likely be illegal under the federal government’s proposed “conversion therapy” ban. The government begins debate on the ban today in Parliament.

In the videos, Gillies affirms “Rachel’s” decision to not transition and encourages her to accept her female identity. “Rachel” is a minor living in Alberta. The federal government defines ‘conversion therapy’ “as any service, practice or treatment designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual, gender identity to one that matches the sex assigned at birth, or to repress or reduce non heterosexual sexual attraction or sexual behaviours.” 

Gillies, a retired Ontario therapist, says this is not the definition used by health associations like the Canadian Psychological Association.** She says by adding the phrase, “repress or reduce non heterosexual sexual attraction or sexual behaviours,” the law prevents students, from receiving support if they choose to remain celibate, and so reduce their sexual behaviour, or choose not to transition.

“Rachel” was 12-years old when she began to socially transition, dressing and acting like a boy at school. She began considering further physical changes because she says she felt pressured at school to transition by both students and teachers. Her parents were not told about her transitioning. But the pressure to transition and the confusion it caused her, almost lead her to killed herself. “When you come out as transgender, everyone is so accepting but when you come out as cis, everyone turns their back on you,” says “Rachel” on the video. Only through the support and counsel of her parents and others, did she choose to stop transitioning.

“Canadians want to ensure that any adult or child, will be protected from torture or coercion,” says Gillies. “However, the federal law does not even use those words in defining ‘conversion therapy.’ And those practices are already banned under the criminal code. This law also makes no distinction between five-year-olds and mature minors who should be able to choose their support.”

Gillies says the definition used by the federal government is so broad that even minors like “Rachel” who no longer want to transition, would be prevented from getting counselling, even from their parents. Only people who would encourage a gender transition or certain sexual behaviours, would be allowed to counsel minors. “We need to support Canadians, regardless of how they choose to identify,” says Gillies. “This law discriminates against “Rachel,” preventing people like her from choosing their support.”

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**CPA Policy Statement on Conversion/Reparative Therapy for Sexual Orientation,

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Attn: Alex Ruff, MP, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

We the undersigned, residents of the federal riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, believe that Bill C-6 (2020) is complicit in forcing therapists and counselors to discriminate against individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction and those who wish to ‘detransition’ from their previous gender identity. We also believe that Bill C-6 will prevent parents from guiding their children toward their own biological designation if their children begin to socially transition or question their gender identity.

We, residents of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, request that you, MP Alex Ruff, vote against Bill C-6, the ‘Conversation Therapy Bill’, at its upcoming third reading.


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