Episode # 19
Education Sparks Change | Marcia Weekes, Part 2 – Truth Talks with Dr. Ann
January 15, 2024

Truth Talks with Dr. Ann
Truth Talks with Dr. Ann
Education Sparks Change | Marcia Weekes, Part 2 - Truth Talks with Dr. Ann

This week, Ann continues her interview with Marcia Weekes and asks her how she is pushing for change in the country of Barbados.

Marcia Weekes is a filmmaker and founder of Praise Academy of Dance in Barbados. Marcia also hosts The Marcia Weekes Show where she shares truth about the LGBTQ agenda and other issues. She strives to bring about change in the Caribbean and worldwide.

You can keep up with Marcia at themarciaweekesshow.com, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php? id=100032307052608 and https://www.praiseacademyofdance.org


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01:15:12:14 – 01:15:46:02


Welcome back to Truth Talks. We have a return guest today, Marcia Weeks from Barb Battles, and she is absolutely my newest best friend. Marcia, thank you so much for joining us Last week. And now we’re going to talk about a little bit of what’s needed to move forward in Barbados in the sense of recapturing truth and integrity and and making sure that our children are protected.

01:15:46:02 – 01:16:13:07


Your children are protected from a very radical ideology. So that’s kind of where we start today. Welcome, Marcia. And that’s a lot to think about. So just whatever is going through your mind, I’m sure you’re going, my goodness. You know, I’m so glad that you’re asking that question because sweet what I’ve just had you just been there and you did a whole lot of education.

01:16:13:07 – 01:16:39:00


And that is one of the first things that we we sought to focus on, because I don’t think that we fully understand the picture and and what is going on. And so educate Shannon is one of the first winners, very, very important. And as I said, that we did that in the law. What we want to do at this time is to continue that education.

01:16:39:00 – 01:17:14:21


In part, we need to go to everywhere where there is where anybody can listen, to hear what is happening. And so with those recordings, we are sending them on social media to to everyone who would listen. Because again, educational and future education, education. We’re also making those recordings available to the church. And these are recordings that would talk about, you know, the trauma associated with the LGBTQ lifestyle.

01:17:14:23 – 01:17:46:10


We are talking about the history of the sexual revolution. We’re talking about the transgender, the state of where we are in terms of this transgender identity crisis, what’s what’s happening with it and and and everything to do with that that that we’ve covered. I’ve been pepper all symposium which addressed gender sexual identity and family and so we are educated educated.

01:17:46:12 – 01:18:17:09


Another thing that we’re encouraging everyone to do in Barbados is to write their member of Parliament. And this has to do with what to yes to to be as well the Constitution, which is right now 2024. This is in focus at the moment because this is what they are trying to pass. So if Barbadians are listening, if you’re in the diaspora, we have a lot of Barbadians living in Canada, right?

01:18:17:11 – 01:18:49:17


Barbados, I’m one of those are the upside of. Right. The Prime Minister Right then members of Parliament and and and let them know what your thoughts are. Search online for the child protection. It’s there online at the parliament website and you’ll be able to see exactly what they are what they’re, you know, proposing to do in terms of parent to removing parental rights and see exactly you know and this study.

01:18:49:19 – 01:19:19:05


Yeah. You know, the government coming in and doing what they want to do with our with our children as it relates to the Constitution, begin to write the piece again and ask them for definitions of the different terms that are in the Constitution, these new terms that are being introduced. Gender, sexual orientation, you know, all these different terminologies that are being put into the Constitution.

01:19:19:07 – 01:19:53:11


And the statement now that the Constitution is now gender neutral, all of these things that we are whether we’re where is this coming from? Yeah, we begin to ask our members of parliament, what does this mean for us regular citizens? You know, what is this going to what for? The churches need to ask, well, does this affect my teaching in my church and teachings that are based on the Bible as people of faith, other persons of faith in the rest of far right faith in the you know, those who are Hindu, those who are behind all the faith.

01:19:53:11 – 01:20:31:05


That’s what this affects your faith. And because we can’t wait until it’s too late. So, you know, it’s right in the newspaper. Ask the questions, you know, ask that. And writing your members of parliament protests one of the things that we’re planning to do, well, it’s not targeted. It’s already planned for. We want to hit the streets again because that is important as well, where we make a public display of, you know, the fact that we are not in favor of what is happening and we are concerned.

01:20:31:07 – 01:20:58:21


We have concern and we want our concerns addressed as it relates to sex, sexual identity, gender and the family, all of that foundation, we believe that in Barbados at the moment with this progressive government and a progressive prime minister, that all of that is for is being addressed. And so we are very, very concerned. So we are tackling it from different angles.

01:20:59:03 – 01:21:28:08


We’ll continue with our productions because one of the things that the advocate to me, you know, I always get in these ideas in your book, I thought to myself, we’re going to read our book, to read your book. What ever happened to Enemy? We’re going to read that to the children within our school. That’s about 20 something within our past, but not what if we were to get some kind of help Sponsorship.

01:21:28:09 – 01:21:54:00


So do our recording of that story to read it in. Sorry for with all of this celibate fat git that and put it on the radio. Wow. You know, you see, I get myself in trouble. Well, what about the radio? We could stop with cricket. We could stop with Christian radio and get this going throughout the region. Start with Barbados, and let’s look what whatever happens.

01:21:54:00 – 01:22:13:02


And then let’s do it and do it. You know where we’re at. We’re doing it. And in our I forgot the terminology there, but in theses segments. Okay. And so we have you know, we do it, it’s a book. So we could do it in pieces and put it on the radio. What, what why am I doing this?

01:22:13:02 – 01:22:48:11


That, that what trouble. No, it’s about education. It’s about our children getting the message. It’s finding whatever means that we can find to get the message out. And radio broadcasts. You know, we listen to radio broadcaster broadcasts, you know, in Barbados, also the family where they do stories that present these stories. Our you know, and so so I would love to see your book on the radio as a radio drama is that’s the term I was looking for a radio drama.

01:22:48:13 – 01:23:26:21


And our children would voice it and put it on the radio and let that play, let it play and go into the households of of people within Barbados. In Jamaica, Jamaica will do it. I don’t Filipo will take it. We’ll do it. They will do it in Jamaica. And so then that idea is so what ever that we have that is legal and whatever that we however we can put the message out, let’s be creative with it and get that message out because we’ve got to reach this generation.

01:23:26:23 – 01:23:53:12


Well, and that’s and that’s so, so important. So you really touched my heart very deeply because, you know, I’m like you, Marcia. We have very kindred spirits. We try and stay out of trouble, but God keeps leading us into these places. And one of the reasons that I write, the only reason I write is to educate parents, but then children.

01:23:53:12 – 01:24:23:03


Right. And so that that just it’s an amazing idea. I think it’s it’s excellent because it addresses the whole issue here we have and I think this is where what you’re facing lyrically in the child’s rights bills, that is very ominous. It all sounds sweet and the language is very encapsulated to make it sound like this is a really good thing.

01:24:23:03 – 01:24:53:08


The Child Protection Bill Everyone wants to protect their children. But not only do you have to read behind the lines between the lines, but you have to read so carefully what they’re actually trying to do, because what they’re trying to do is rob parental rights. They are trying to silence parents in the areas where parents would actually stand up for their children and say, no, this is not right.

01:24:53:10 – 01:25:22:19


And if parents are to do that, it sounds almost like the government is ready and willing to remove those children from their parents. And that means a state. That means the state becomes the parents. And that’s very much the progression in Canada that we are very, very afraid of. So you’re facing you’re a few years behind us, but now with your your Prime Minister is a prime minister.

01:25:22:19 – 01:25:51:06


Yeah, that she she is really moving forward in all of this. And that’s a very dangerous place to be for, for Barbados and the Caribbean. Yes. Yes it is. And down you know, it’s a full support of the LGBTQ agenda. And I, you know, one of the things I’ve learned in all is to separate the agenda from the people.

01:25:51:08 – 01:26:26:16


And so we are not anti people. We love people. But when that agenda is slowly to now you are pushing it, it means that you are encroaching on our faith. Your eye can see on our children the rearing of our children. And I think that that is where the issue is for a lot of us, because obviously, you know, there were people since before I was born within the region for LGBTQ, you know, in their persuasion.

01:26:26:16 – 01:26:54:23


And and, you know, they read Dear, we have the whole street in Barbados where, you know, guys sell their bodies and people pass there and they know that that’s where it hurts. And, you know, so I see I think that it it causes us to stop to ask what is behind it, you know, what’s that? Why, why, why now and why why is it going so quickly?

01:26:54:23 – 01:27:21:02


And while we’ve been like dodging drag the law, as you know, as you said in the previous block, that was where, you know that the people are not prepared for that. There we are primarily people of faith, you know, And so we just we growing up knowing that we love people. But we do we we we don’t have to participate in your lifestyle and your choices.

01:27:21:04 – 01:27:56:10


We have a we’re intelligent people. We understand that. But now it’s a whole change is key to just sweep over Barbados. And so we’re asking if you listen to for Barbados, because we have this this prime minister that the world seem to love because she is right now, they’re thinking that the thought is that she’s being shortlisted. We’ve seen it in press, in the press as being the next U.N. general secretary.

01:27:56:12 – 01:28:28:03


But all this is what’s happening in our country where we feel that we’re being dragged to pick up this kind of agenda, which is a political agenda. Exactly. And I would say it’s a spiritual agenda, because what I’ve been saying for the last couple of years is that within Canada, that the LGBTQ activists have created a new religion for Canadians and that this is the new religion, this ideology.

01:28:28:03 – 01:28:58:20


And if we don’t sacrifice on that Idol, then we are canceled, We are nullified. It’s like you don’t have an opinion. Parents are vilified in the eyes of their children and there’s this whole sense where children are pitted against their parents and the deconstruction of family. So we don’t want that to happen in Barbados because Barbados is very much family centered and and the people are you’re loving and kind.

01:28:58:20 – 01:29:40:11


It’s not about not being loving and kind. It’s about protecting your children from a very dangerous, a dangerous ideology that really seeks to divide them from their parents and from a right understanding of sexuality. So I want to finish with a few comments. How can people get involved? How can they help you? Marcia? Well, you know, my website would be on this on the on a screen and where they can write to us and, you know, and be part of the fight.

01:29:40:11 – 01:30:09:07


I want to say that those if you are listen to me and you are a reporter. GROSS out with you. Will you write? You are you are you’re at each one. So social media influence how we define that because the prime minister also has an international following that it will also benefit if we can begin to raise some of these issues, some outside of our weight.

01:30:09:09 – 01:30:36:09


So it’s your watch and your influence. So from whichever country, Paula, you know, Hungary, wherever in the world this this broadcast goes. So, you know, Canada, the U.S. and you can help us on social media because let me tell you, the world thinks that I’m just doing this great job with in Barbados. And so we want the world to know what’s happening to us.

01:30:36:11 – 01:31:08:19


And that’s a 280,000 people. And this tidal wave here of this this cultural world, I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s coming in on us in here. And and it is being backed by a lot of funding from, for example, the IDB bank, which fed, by the way, paid for a survey given to our children without our parents consent.

01:31:08:19 – 01:31:51:21


Number 280 something. QUESTION Doctor, our questions were given to our children without parental consent, and some of these questions are asked what kind of debt, what delta to take up for her with what you know and all kinds of different things asking about your little children in the world. Let me girls you know, this is not acceptable access and not allow and the parents didn’t even know about the survey did know that it was not me, but because they had given money to the Minister of Education of the IDP international development by, you know, we’re getting money from the U.N. and the IMF, that all these affect.

01:31:51:23 – 01:32:12:10


So now we’ve signed on to this agreement and all of that is money is connected to all of that. And so we feel as though our need is setting out, setting the souls of our children, you know, you know, for for money that we we are we are getting money and we are passive. There’s an exchange that is happening.

01:32:12:10 – 01:32:35:20


And so if you are listening, you can pray for sure because, you know, we’re living it here on this pillow that is coming and a lot of concern to date, what, 2024 for us because of those those bills that are now going to be, according to them, what will be passed and how do you imagine what it is going to be like for us?

01:32:35:22 – 01:32:58:22


It’s like taking all of what’s happening in Canada and just taking it and dropping it in Barbados. 280,000 people. It has some feeling as though they are. They are trying to create a prototype for the rest of the Caribbean. So if your Caribbean, if matter see what happens in Barbados, you know, so use your use as social media.

01:32:59:00 – 01:33:24:03


Contact us. You know, like a program like doctor and said we would want to do that and will place and we don’t owe a lot to that. But I wanted to do that radio program. I really get feedback from wherever possible. And once it’s finished up the average something that can go to throughout the region because it’s already completed, it’s packaged, you know, and we can take it all over.

01:33:24:05 – 01:33:51:18


But, you know, contact us, please, and use social media, you know, and and just whatever resources that you have that you can share with us, it might be a book to read our website. You know, if you’re missing whatever you can do to help us, we appreciate it. And I want to suggest to parents in the Barbados, get involved in your public education system.

01:33:51:20 – 01:34:34:09


You have still a bit of a window of opportunity because this will come in like a flood. And so you got to. Right raise up a standard very quickly, I believe. And so parents get involved. Get involved and be proactive. I don’t know about your school boards there, but I would encourage good, solid Christian parents to get involved just right thinking parents about biology who are concerned for their children and what they’re seeing, and then get involved in the government because, you know, in order to change things, you really have to change it from a grassroots level all the way up to the very highest level.

01:34:34:10 – 01:35:10:04


So we encourage people to really get involved and talk to you, Marcia, And thank you again so much for joining me. I’ll be putting your website and your Facebook information on this site so people have it. And we’ll be back to talk again probably in 2020 for some time. And thank you so much for the opportunity today to come and speak and to share in Barbados and to get to know you better, but also the people there.

01:35:10:04 – 01:35:34:05


What lovely people and a what a lovely country. So God bless you and thank you for joining me. Thank you. Thanks for having me. It’s it’s again, my nature and the queen giving us here in Barbados the opportunity to have a voice outside of Barbados. I thank you so much, Doctor. And for what you do property here in Berkeley Avenue.

01:35:34:07 – 01:35:53:00


Come back. Well, I kind of like your audience. You’ve got to go to I since I get all that fish. yeah, that’s right. That’s right. I a lot of fish while I was there. It was great. All right. Well, God bless you. And we will definitely be talking again.

01:35:53:00 – 01:35:55:05


Thank you so much.

01:35:59:03 – 01:36:25:16

01:36:29:10 – 01:36:47:11


You’ve been listening to Truth Talks with Dr. Ann. Thank you so much for joining us today. You can find the Dr. Ann’s books blog and sign up for the newsletter by going to RestoringTheMosaic.ca.

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