Episode # 18
Film, Faith, and Culture | Marcia Weekes, Part 1 – Truth Talks with Dr. Ann
January 9, 2024

In this episode of Truth Talks, Dr. Ann interviews Marcia Weekes who shares her experience of creating films and theatrical productions that address important issues such as teenage pregnancy, abortion, homosexuality, abuse, and poverty. Weekes also discusses a recent incident where one of her productions was disqualified from a national competition due to its content on gender identity.

Marcia Weekes is a filmmaker and founder of Praise Academy of Dance in Barbados. Marcia also hosts The Marcia Weekes Show where she shares truth about the LGBTQ agenda and other issues. She strives to bring about change in the Caribbean and worldwide.

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00;00;12;18 – 00;00;38;18

Welcome to Restoring the Mosaic and Truth talks with Dr.. And today. So I am so excited because just last week well within the last two weeks, I have been in Barbados. See the tan? I’ve been trying to perfect my tan anyways, but I was there for a very special event and it was hosted by a young woman that I met when I was in Poland.

00;00;38;20 – 00;01;02;20

That was October. Anyways, so here we were. We met in Poland and then she had a vision to do a conference. So I’m going to introduce you to my friend Marsha Weeks. Marsha, thank you very much for coming with me today on this little bit of a journey about your life and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Very excited to have you so much.

00;01;02;20 – 00;01;29;18

Dr.. And it’s a pleasure to be here and to see you again. I’m I’m still in the warmth. And you I see you’re wearing a jacket. That means you’re in the cold. Yes. Yes. It’s very warm there in Barbados. I have to say, I had a wonderful time just meeting people and just I had a wonderful conversation. You don’t know about this?

00;01;29;18 – 00;01;58;24

Probably, but with our taxi driver, he took me to the airport. And what a delightful young man. Yeah, we’re talking about worship, music and and church and needing to bring back hymns and all kinds of stuff. Anyway, sets aside a little bit of an aside. But can you tell us a little bit about your background professionally, because you have quite an extensive history, which I wasn’t totally aware of until I was actually in Barbados.

00;01;58;24 – 00;02;32;19

So it’s very exciting. Yeah. Well, thank you so much. Well, you know, I my professional training is an accountant. I am a CPA, certified public accountant by profession. However, shortly after I started to work in the U.S. as a CPA, where I that’s where I studied, actually. And I received a call from God that he wanted me to work with young people and and I would be to do it to the Caribbean.

00;02;32;22 – 00;03;01;07

So we long story short, we packed up. My husband and I got, of course, would have spoken to my husband before he spoke to me. And so what a time. I went ahead crying as we have to leave. And I was like, God, that already spoke to me about it. Confirmed by our six year old son, God, a dream that, you know, he we were that that that we were on our way to Barbados to cease conflicts.

00;03;01;09 – 00;03;28;18

And that thought within that he when he would be back in the US at a certain time. So Ali was six. And so that was the additional confirmation that we needed, you know, And so we came to Barbados and I kind of have my floating heart and started working with young people. I understand what was happening at the time, what it meant, you know, at the time.

00;03;28;21 – 00;04;06;10

It was a difficult process. I said that very, very calmly, but it was difficult, you know, But I, you know, always loved the arts and always would as a child. I was part of a singing group. I was always acting. I was always doing a lot of, you know, a lot of theatrical productions always involved. So I knew right away that God wanted me to use that, you know, those skills to reach young people in Barbados and the Caribbean.

00;04;06;10 – 00;04;37;28

And so we came to Barbados, where my house by this straw man from Jamaica and these Barbadian. And so we came to Barbados and decided to start working with young people in Barbados. And this is now I’m giving you this very short version, which is now 22 years later, and I would would have done eight feature films of which I received several awards for.

00;04;37;28 – 00;05;04;11

And all these films are teaching various principles. The first film was about teenage pregnancy and abortion and talking about the value of life and that that film really put us on the map. And all the schools were a bust of the cinema to see the film. So to see that particular film and the Gary Charters used it in their curricula.

00;05;04;14 – 00;05;40;09

Yes. So that is incredible that that that film was actually in theaters and that the schools bussed the children. Yes. Yes. Because in Canada that they will bus children everywhere to see other things, but not something that talks about the value of life. Wow. That’s that’s encouraging. Okay. I interrupt you to keep going. Yeah. Yeah, but but but you know that it was unusual for me as well, because I had just done that film, doctor.

00;05;40;09 – 00;06;06;18

And to encourage people to use the arts to communicate messages, positive message your story. You And so it was part of a conference that I did and so that was like the feature thing at the end and what part you Rastafari guy who was also the filmmaker and with as he said, why do you do a film and take it to a project?

00;06;06;19 – 00;06;36;04

If you do a film which you take to the cinema? And so I took it to the cinema just to premiere it at the cinema, and the people loved it. And from there we started to write the schools and then told them what it was about, because that was the directive that I got from God to reach out to the schools and they came in droves, the busses and people were wondering what was what’s happening at the cinema in the middle of the day.

00;06;36;04 – 00;07;06;27

All these children and we then created a retreat for them with psychologists and guidance counselors, etc. We got permission from the parents as of course, and then dealt with a lot of the girls that were going through various issues, emotional issues. There were children there in their school uniform who were pregnant, and their parents didn’t know there were children who drove them from the cinema to their homes.

00;07;07;00 – 00;07;32;04

So that that so so they could talk to their parents and to tell their parents that they were pregnant. So it was, you know, well it was quite a baptism of their in in this area of using the arts to share messages. And we have and so we’ve had eight films we dealt with all the sexuality, we dealt with abuse.

00;07;32;07 – 00;07;55;15

So I looked at some of those issues as to what trauma. So we looked at some of those issues as well that affect all young people and and all the just whatever is happening, you know, bullying, whatever is happening, we we would, you know you that the impact of poverty on children, all of those issues are dealt with in this film.

00;07;55;17 – 00;08;24;19

And then I would like probably about 34 theatrical productions and life productions on stage in Barbados and throughout the region with Tropical them to Africa and to the UK and throughout the US and Canada, etc.. You know, on behalf of the government of dancing with us and send us your tickets and send us to represent the country. But we would do it with a positive message.

00;08;24;19 – 00;09;04;07

So this has been going out for 20, 22 years. You know, that’s that’s what we that’s what we’ve been doing. What an opportunity to bring truth to young people, to children and young people. my goodness. That was that was incredible. I got to see a little bit of what you do with young people and in the theater production side of it when I was in Barbados, I wonder, why don’t we go back and talk about that particular group and that particular production?

00;09;04;07 – 00;09;44;28

Because something happened. Something changed recently with the acceptance of truth. Well, you know, we have been, as I said before, presenting these messages for over 22 years in Barbados and the Caribbean. We’ve won so many awards, you know, one awards in Africa when intro the region, I’m in Barbados. So we we saw a lot of times what we do, we go into into secular environments.

00;09;45;00 – 00;10;30;00

So there is something here called the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts. And we are a staple there. You know, they look forward to us. And, you know, we we present, you know, very, very good productions and so I last in this summer, I wrote a production that dealt with gender identity. It’s a it’s a story of a 15 year old girl, Zoe, who Strout was struggling with her gender identity, and she finds her identity in God and in its work.

00;10;30;02 – 00;11;06;18

And this production was based on Genesis 127, I believe, which stops about as God creating male and female. And so we presented the production. We rented a hall and presented the production to, you know, it was it was a hall where we were finished. It was a standing ovation. So as we would normally do doctor, and we would take an excerpt of that production and then, you know, put it in our national competition.

00;11;06;18 – 00;11;39;19

That’s what we do all the time. And so we did that. I was in Poland when it happened, as God would have it. I was in Poland at the conference that we had shading the tights, dealing with that particular issue by person. And while I was there, I was told that the the entry was disqualified by the government and then trying to figure out why would they disqualify the piece.

00;11;39;19 – 00;12;26;24

We, you know, as I said, it’s always we’re always welcome there. We had other pieces in, but this particular piece was disqualified. We are two pieces. One was a dance and one was one was is theatrical production. And so it was dance music and and drama. And when we queried, we were told that the piece was not in good taste, was in poor taste, and that it did not that it discriminated against people and and that they couldn’t allow it in the competition.

00;12;26;27 – 00;12;57;06

Now, what’s interesting is that that piece was basically saying, you know, that there are there are two sexes. There’s the men are female, you know, just for Genesis, it’s and what science says, you know, and the children were making a declaration that they are neither they’re not transgender, they’re not cisgender. They’re not they’re none of those things. You know, they’re who God created them to be.

00;12;57;08 – 00;13;36;11

And in Barbados, they would believe that that that could not be said, you know, and and so it went to arbitration and they came back what was in the same results again, that we were disqualified. And so now it is a situation where it would be brought before the courts because it’s it’s not about the disqualification. But is the implication of, you know, just what that what does that mean for people of faith that means weak down sections of the Bible that we’re not going to be able to sell to preach it.

00;13;36;11 – 00;14;26;05

Does it mean that in schools that there is a certain type of biology that we have been teaching since before I was born that we would not teach, would not be able to teach that anymore? So so that that’s the situation and that that is exactly we and that’s kind of why we really connected because in Canada we have been on a fast track to eradicating biology, male and female, and to really elevating individuals and young people, particularly who would claim that they are in the wrong body, that, you know, as a girl they actually are boy.

00;14;26;13 – 00;15;08;11

And so these are individuals that historically were such a small percentage of the population that would possibly become transsexual. And the the actual statistics on that was like .01. 4% of the entire population bear a very small percentage of it until about 2010. And then we see things starting to go upwards with this new kind of sex ed and a promotion of something called trans sexual I’m sorry, transgender and trans the transgender.

00;15;08;11 – 00;15;48;06

So the transgender children, Well, there really are no transgender children. There are children who have struggled historically with gender dysphoria. But what we’re seeing now and I’m sure what this is all about for you in Barbados, too, with this qualification, is that there there is a push to identify children according to their thoughts and feelings rather than, as you see, according to their biological character and makeup, which is it’s very damaging actually to the children.

00;15;48;13 – 00;16;23;20

But it’s a political move. It’s a political move. And your heart right in the center of that. And that’s a very new thing for Barbados. Yes, it is. It is. It is. And for the for the rest of the Caribbean, because as far as we are and we are aware this has not happened to any other group before who would have, you know, presented a theatrical piece or an artistic piece based on their faith and based on science.

00;16;23;22 – 00;16;53;24

As far as we know, it has never happened before. And so we believe that it is important that this is dealt with in the right way, and we have to make sure we are, you know, we know what it what is it that our leaders are saying to us? What’s the government saying to us? Currently, there are some laws that are before our parliament and our Senate at the moment, and one of them it’s the changing of our Constitution.

00;16;53;27 – 00;17;28;25

And in that part of the with this changing of the Constitution, there are a lot of the language that they are changing, you know, and then there is is sexual orientation that they want to add. And first of all, they want they want to remove the word God from the constitution. Uruguay vetoes. And and they want to. Yeah, I was just going to talk about that for a minute, because Barbados is a very historically Christian.

00;17;29;02 – 00;18;04;25

It’s a very God fearing nation. The people the people are, you know, historically churchgoers, so to say. And, you know, just what you had just said about how you you receive standing ovations for this presentation from the public, like it’s not the public, the general public who are saying, this is horrible. Like you you received a standing ovation and yet a certain committee decides that this is not acceptable.

00;18;04;25 – 00;18;32;04

But that kind of sounds like what’s happening. And now the government is changing policy. Yeah. Yes. Yeah, they’re getting ready to get the charter has already been passed and and now we you know, by 2024 this is supposed to go to the Parliament and to the Senate to, you know, to get it into law in our, in our Constitution.

00;18;32;04 – 00;19;09;06

And that’s that’s an of concern for us. You see, what’s happening is that we now have a very progressive leader, our prime minister, Ma’am, a more mottley is loved by the world and by U.N. and all of those international agencies and and many because of what she promotes. And and this is one of those things that she she promotes, where this whole thing where we need to become a progressive society, we need to remove God from our Constitution.

00;19;09;08 – 00;19;36;28

And they are basically pushing a secular environment. They have just the buggery laws of the boat. They have now come up a part from the constitution that they are seeking to put into law. There’s a very dangerous bill called the Child Protection Bill, which basically takes away the rights of the parents. So that to add, you know, you’re in Canada so you can understand exactly what this trajectory is.

00;19;36;28 – 00;20;04;18

Yes. You know, when the parental rights are taken, then it means that it’s a government that was taking that was taking the place of the parent. And we now see what the government is promoting. Yeah, we have children who are doing a presentation of artistic presentation based on Genesis 427 and based on biology that they learn in school and they are taught it’s wrong.

00;20;04;20 – 00;20;40;07

Do you see the confusion? So this is the same government that is pushing for this new constitution and the child protection bill. So I saw, as I’m concerned, Barbara sits in a very precarious position. I would agree. And we’re going to actually do a second segment. And within that segment, we’re going to insert a portion of the presentation that was actually disqualified so that people get an understanding of what we’re talking about here.

00;20;40;10 – 00;21;22;27

But one of the things that I found like and when I think about this, the parents are supportive of the children doing this presentation. The children love it and they they love the theater and they love the message and the community loves the message. But the government thinks that everyone is the government, just the government, Doctor. And I love the way you you, you sent that and you’ve broken that down and really simplify that for people because we need to understand the culture of what does and does what we are accustomed to.

00;21;23;04 – 00;21;48;01

The children are they? They went on that stage from age ten, so teenage years and they went on that stage doctor and they worked say what they learned at school, what they learned that Sunday school and what they learned at our institution, because we are praise Academy. So the word praise that says that we are Christian based, we open to Africa, awkward to everybody.

00;21;48;04 – 00;22;15;20

We have some of those same children who come to us, but I’m not even sure what I am. You know, I’m struggling as well. So we help everybody. However, you know, when we when our presentations are based on the word of God, we stand on the Bible and we are, you know, we enter into a lot of secular spaces because of the excellence of what we do.

00;22;15;22 – 00;22;47;28

We do a lot of training. We do a lot of prayer. Yes. But we also make sure that that we are able to meet the standards that are set for this, for these different secular stages that we mount. And and so we were not disqualified based on the technical quality of the of the content, but based on just the content, the story based on.

00;22;48;00 – 00;23;24;27

And what the message of what we were saying very biased, very discriminatory, very, you know, this sense where, you know, in Canada we hear about everything is about diversity and inclusion and yet we’ve experienced the same kind of things in the Christian realm. But here you’re getting this there’s no inclusion of your perspective of and of the perspective of the vast majority of Asian people.

00;23;24;29 – 00;24;11;12

Like it’s just the government now just ignores the people, right? Ignores the people and what they want in favor of pushing a particular ideology. So we’re going to talk more. We’re going to come back for a second show and we’re going to talk more about the production itself, also about the recover all. Maybe we’ll just actually let let’s finish with a little bit about recover all, because I think we’ll finish that and then we’ll go into the next show because I want to talk about what what then are some next steps.

00;24;11;18 – 00;24;40;13

So Recover All is where that was the symposium that I was invited to speak to with and that was wonderful. So there were five international speakers and it was, I thought it was such an excellent symposium that you put together in less than two months. That was absolutely amazing. What what was your perspective after it was all over?

00;24;40;13 – 00;25;07;19

We’ll finish with that and then we’ll we’ll break and do another show. Yes. You know, when it was all done and of course, I was just relieved because it just happened at such in such a short span of time. And pain really came out of my experience at the I had TCC conference in Boulder and which was amazing.

00;25;07;21 – 00;25;36;04

I will just my mind was blown with the level of all, you know, information and education that we were getting there at that particular conference and meeting people like yourself. I read in the field we were we were we were having the creme de la creme wala, you know, and and so I reached out to Mike and I told Mike, I just remember he’s laughing right now.

00;25;36;06 – 00;26;05;18

But my debating he’s Davidson my Davidson, the Mike Davidson and who is one of the directors of core issues Trust and core issues trust. You know they were the producers of I this this conference that we went to and the conference really was about changing and turning the tide as it relates to this particular issue, the whole gender confusion, etc..

00;26;05;21 – 00;26;29;16

And, you know, I when I was there is when we got the message of what happened in Barbados after this flight, the Keith and I thought there is no way I can I can deal with this man myself. I’ve never been to Spain before, Doctor. I was like, you know, and the weed aholic, John Maynard, bodyguard, a lawyer, she was with me from Barbados.

00;26;29;20 – 00;27;02;03

We thought, we are one of stepping into an ancestor when we get back. So we need to get some. It was sort of hard to come to Barbados. So that’s what we we approached you to ask about coming to Barbados and, and also Glenn Stanton from Focus on the Family. And of course, we got Philip Davis from from Jamaica, who was with us as well, and Bishop Victor Gil from Trinidad.

00;27;02;10 – 00;27;29;01

So these were the those who came from overseas. And, you know, I know you asked me all the way, how do I feel now that it’s over? What are about to happen, what I had to give the genesis of it so that you would understand that we were really novices going in, never did anything like that. We’re an art school, you know, I did my own little research online and here we were.

00;27;29;01 – 00;28;00;09

Wood needs a big, tall world, you know, coming in. And then you got that, too. And you were amazing. You are amazing. The pastors are talking about your book already. They want you to come back because you did such an amazing job, you know, because you are able to peel back everything and grow and just just kind of put it all back and let us see what is really the foundation of all of this, what’s really going on behind there.

00;28;00;15 – 00;28;20;21

And that’s what you did for us here at Barbados. And, you know, people like myself, my husband who did with people say, we’ve got to have you back. Your book. You know, it’s yeah, it’s cool with me. I wish I could name I had done it right now. So you. But my husband is finished reading that book. You know, which one is that?

00;28;20;21 – 00;28;47;24

Is that the story? the children’s story is what? Whatever happened to Emily? Emily? Right. Emily, I think it’s. And Grace, I haven’t read it yet. That’s going to be what I’m reading over Christmas side. But and he’s on to another book that is on unlike my husband and, you know, we have we now have two copies of it here and we’re planning to use it in our rehearsal time.

00;28;47;26 – 00;29;14;04

So we would read sections of it to the children. So when you ask me about what you know, what are my thoughts about what just occurred, the recover all what I say is this that it is what came out of that was a life changing. We were hearing things that we never heard before. When you think of Philip or Davis and the her giving a single source, you know, almost that amazing.

00;29;14;04 – 00;29;43;25

She was giving us a history of this whole gender confusion, you know, and and the all the terminology and all of that and the whole sexual identity culture giving us a history. When you think of stand up. Glenn Stanton they stop talking about us, about, you know, how how do I reach my LGBTQ neighbor? Those are the kinds of topics that we were dealing with in the in the sessions.

00;29;43;25 – 00;30;14;27

And you dealt a lot with trauma and parents and how to guard your child and so on. And Maisy and I are time would tell. But I believe that we’re going to see we’re going to see the fruit of the recovery. All I believe is going to happen because yeah, I’m praying for that. And, you know, I just felt teary when you were talking about whatever happened to Emily and reading it to the children.

00;30;15;05 – 00;30;44;18

That just makes me very emotional because that to me, that is what why do what I do right. And I see these children are so beautiful. And I we just want them to be you know, we want them to grow up whole and healthy and not body, soul and spirit. You know, we don’t want them to be infiltrated, their minds infiltrated with unhealthy thoughts.

00;30;44;18 – 00;31;13;19

And I, I, I’m excited that you’re seeing and preparing for other things because I think that’s what’s needed. Well, let’s stop there. One thing I want to ask, would you please give viewers your website so they can go and check out what you do? You’ve got some wonderful things on there and your films, you’ve got your productions. It’s just a great website.

00;31;13;25 – 00;31;38;08

So why don’t you give that to the viewers now and we’ll add it at the end as well, so the people will have it to take home with them, so to speak, and make sure they connect with you. Inspired you not to add? Well, it’s a praise Academy of Dance talk, Praise the word praise, praise, Academy of Dance Talk.

00;31;38;11 – 00;32;04;26

That’s one wins website. And then there’s the martial week show. Become the martial week show that come and I’m sure we’re going to have that, you know, somewhere there that you’ll be able to copy it and see what it is. Yeah awesome. I hope that those listening will check out your show and check out your website and that God will just bless you richly for what you’re doing.

00;32;04;26 – 00;32;16;23

Marsha and those group that are coming around you and I just pray for great wisdom in the days ahead. Thanks for joining me. Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure.

00;32;19;22 – 00;32;37;07

Well, thank you, everyone, for listening to our show today. I hope you enjoyed my special guests from Barbados, Mercy Weeks. She’s a wonderful lady and she has a great vision for the children of Barbados.

00;32;37;09 – 00;32;54;15

Also, Please check out her contact information and my books and my website at Restoring the Mosaic Dot. She was talking about my children’s book. Whatever Happened to Emily, which I encourage you.

00;32;54;15 – 00;33;07;15

to look into and to perhaps consider even purchasing for your children. Thank you for watching. And this is our last show before the New Year.

00;33;07;18 – 00;33;21;07

Actually, it will be shown in the new year, but it’s prerecorded. So I’ll just say Merry Christmas to everyone and a very happy New Year and 2024. Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

00;33;21;07 – 00;33;39;08

You’ve been listening to Truth Talks with Dr. Ann. Thank you so much for joining us today. You can find the Dr. Ann’s books blog and sign up for the newsletter by going to RestoringTheMosaic.ca.

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